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Meet Emme

Certified Coach & Expert


"Your spirit recognizes your magic."


Coaching with Emme aims to help you tap into that magic and use it in your daily life. 

Each coaching session with me will begin with the question, " What would you like to focus on today?". I recognize that everyone is in varying headspaces and it is hard to be in alignment. I would like to coach you back to alignment, in a judgement free zone.

I believe coaching is a training of individuals or groups, in which a coach intuitively asks questions that will help you transform and guide you to a resolution.


If you are ready to explore coaching as a part of your self care plan- please book an initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


What do you want to focus on today?

- Coach Emme

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About Our Services 

Female Friends

Corporate Diversity and Inclusion

In this coaching call you can expect to spend time working on 

  • Self Awareness 

  • Paths that lead one's actions to result in sustainable behaviors, actions, and practices that result in DFI impact 

  • Embrace doing business in diverse or non diverse spaces

  • Break down stereotypes of inclusion, diversity and equity.

Interpersonal Relationship

It is my hope when coaching on interpersonal relationshios that clients will learn how to trust and use their intuition in order to grow respectful and meaningful long term relationships.

    In this session you can expect to work on: 

  • Conflict management solutions 

  • Trust building exercises 

  • Listening Skills

  • Relationship Building

Highest Self

It is my hope that upon coaching through my highest self program, clients will become comfortable with being their most authentic self and operate at their best, daily, with ease.

In this coaching session you can expect to work on 

  • Being gentle with yourself 

  • Affirm your wants and needs 

  • Focus on how you want to feel 

  • Set manifestations

Sit with Emme in a judgement free zone. Emme will provide a space where you can sort through your most pressing issues.  During a coaching session you will be asked intuitive questions to guide you to a resolution. 

One on One Coaching Call - Overview

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued. 
   ~ Brené Brown

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